"Women By The Sea" - Ruby Rees' debut Feature Film

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Women By The Sea Official Poster

Women By The Sea Official Poster

About the film...

Women By The Sea is Ruby Rees' (Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Picnic At Hanging Rock) debut feature film. Set over one weekend at the picturesque Phillip Island, Victoria, the film explores the relationships between five women, friends since childhood as they embark on a weekend away together and attempt to reconnect after years apart. At it's heart this film is a story of female endurance, of the complex and powerful bonds that bind women to one another, oh and paintball...

The Impact

We're hoping that the Impact of supporting a film employing females only will be monumental in the future of how we make Film and Television. In the last 12 months we have been witness to the beginning of the modern revolution, with females speaking out again inequality and sexism across all industries. Women are calling out harassment, abuse, unequal pay and employment opportunities. It is our time, and our time is long overdue. By making a film and employing women only to do it, we are shining a spotlight on an industry that for too long has been accepted as a "boys club". The world wants to hear from the minorities now, and while we are only one project, we hope that this film, and the story behind it will make enough of an impact that we start to see inclusion riders on every single Australian Screen Project in the future. 

Other Ways You Can Help

We know not everyone is in a position to pledge, here are some other ways you can support Women By The Sea 

Tell people about us! Even if you can't help, maybe you know someone who can, tell them about us, or simply share our campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. Hell! Share it on Tinder if you want to.

Follow us! In the film world the more people interested in a project the more likely we are to get in front of backers, buyers, audiences, so like our posts and follow the journey!

Ruby Rees: @rubes_rees Hayley Sorel: @haylz1er 

Talk about Women In Film. We are hoping that we are just the beginning of a new chapter for the Australian Arts Industry. Inclusion of minorities in stories, on sets, in writers rooms, on our screens, and in the zeitgeist is the big picture goal here, so support projects that include minorities and make it the new norm, not the exception!